Today was a brisk fall day in Provo. Karl and I spent most of the day doing chores like laundry, and fixing the car. In fact, just to quickly brag about my amazing husband, Karl fixed both the driver side window, AND he was savvy enough to fix the AC blower! He was amazing today, really he out did himself.

Our friends Krysta and Zac are bike enthusiasts to say the least. They love their bikes so much they actually sold their car to have “one less car” in the world. They are awesome. All summer they have been inviting us to go and ride the Provo River Trail, or the PRT. Well, today we finally did it. We took our first ride on the PRT from our house to Utah lake. Yes, Utah lake. We don’t have bikes, but luckily Zac and Krysta have an armada of bikes for us to choose from. (Today they bought #12 and #13. And those are just the bikes in Provo).

We bundled up. Karen too, who really hated getting all of those cloths on. I mean look at her face! She was trying her darndest to rip them all off but her mittens were getting in the way.

We hit the trail a little after 4pm. It was beautiful! I was really impressed with my skills.

We road with the river on our right on our way to the lake.
We passed beautiful houses and farms, fields with cows and people onn their evening walks. We went under bridges, and over streams. It was a ball!
Krysta and Zac guided us.
Karl and I did our best to keep up. I think we did pretty well.
The trail was, as Krysta described it, magical. I took this picture while riding a bike, so it is a little blury, but you get the idea. At that time of day it was beautiful.
We took a brief picture break.
Then we finally made it to the lake.
I want to sell my car and commit to bikes…then I remember that it is going to snow soon. Great.
I forget that we have a lake so close. It made me feel like I was back at the San Diego Bay.

And even though Karen wanted to die rather than bundle up, she had a great time.
We had made it nearly 5 miles and we were still smiling.
Zac didn’t even break a sweat. Neither did Karen now that I think of it.

Our trip home was a little tougher. We took a different route and there were more hills and such. The view of the mountains was wonderful, and it really gave me a sense of how far we had really ridden.
On our way home we stopped at Dell Taco for dinner. The whole day was a blast! All together we road around 10 miles, pretty impressive. We really do want bikes…maybe next summer.

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  1. I’m so happy you experienced the joy of the “PRT;” I learned about it this summer and fell in love. And the blurry bike-ride picture is my favorite! It’s artistic and beautiful! love ya!

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