Saturday Up South Fork

While at an off site the day before Karl found this little nook of South Fork Park he had never noticed before:

There was this whole shallow area perfect for kids. He was so excited to come home and tell us about it. AND he wanted to go again the next day with all of us. How could I refuse? 😉

After a breakfast out, we made our what up Provo Canyon, then up South Fork Canyon to the park.
Mirah was SO excited to play in the river, a thing that she hadn’t ever been allowed to do before.

Even though the river was 4 inches deep in most places and ran pretty slowly through here, I was taking NO chances, and I made the kids wear their floaties. 
Mirah IMMEDIATELY made a new friend, Emma. “I was named after Joseph Smith’s wife!” she proudly told us when we enquired after her name.  
Lucas was still on the blanket. We had grabbed a couple of subs on our way out and Lucas was still enjoying his. 
It was a PERFECT day. Warm but not too warm. The park had so many trees, there were plenty of places to find shade. 

The big drawback was that the water was pretty cold. So we took lots of breaks. 

Finally Lucas summoned the courage to try out the water. 

Karl joined him, sort of. 

Lucas mostly enjoyed running up and down the river banks. Karl was always close behind. 
Karl said I could have a break. So I stretched out on the hammock and read a book. 
My break didn’t last too long, as the gang was all back pretty quickly. 
Lucas needed some more of his sando:

He didn’t need to talk to me. 
It was fun to watch the kids had fun in the water. 

Playing in the water together:

I talked her into it. 

Lucas was off a little ways, still to into what he was doing to notice me. 

Lucas still thought the water was too cold. 

He would dip his toes in. 
Then clamber out. 


Only to dip his toes in again. 

Then a hand,

And decide it was WAY too cold. 
BTW, this was the tree we were sitting under. It is just so magical. 

Clouds were rolling in and the kids were getting cold so it was time to start packin up. 

Until we meet again. 

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