Suflaces and Mission Friends again, YES!

We had another dinner party. I have never thought of them like that before, for a few reasons. 1. I am not very good at them. They are always more like potlucks than dinner parties. As hostess I will generally make the main dish, but still, it is never a meal with 4 courses. 2. I get really silly and stressed out about them. It is never until all my guests are seated and eating that I can finally relax. I am always worried about there not being enough food, but we always have extra. 3. I just want my friends over all the time. Even though I always get a little stressed when a group comes over, I am never happier than when I am surrounded by my dear friends.

We had a great group this time:
Lorena Baboci. A wonderful girl I met on my mission. She was a member of the 2nd Branch in Tirana where I spent 9 months of my mission. It was so exciting to see her, and she seemed to be doing so well.
Lorena is making her Suflace. A Greek flat bread, salse kosi, pork, tomato, lettuce, lemon slices, and of course, french fries, with more salse kosi on top. Yum!This is how they make the pork for suflaces in Albania, we just bake it at home, but I think that ours is pretty close to the real thing.

Bruna, or Remington Brundage Richards was with us at our home for the first time too. It was so wonderful to be with her. She and I and Smallie were together in 2nd branch for several months together in fact:

Here is Smallie, Me, Bruna and Lorena at girls camp in Albania.

Oh that wig. We had some good times in that wig.
We mostly had good times all of the time.

This was a good morning. I was just talking about this morning with Smallie.

I know Krysta was SO excited to see her. She was talking about it all day. Krysta and Bruna were MTC companions and were back together again in the country after only three short months there. They were companions when I first met them, so I always think of them that way…together.
I have other pictures that weren’t taken at girls camp, but the other one I have of the two of them might get me in big trouble…hehehe.
As you can tell, I didn’t take this picture (there I am in the back ground). I stole it from Krysta, but I couldn’t help it. It is so awesome! Don’t kill me!

The thing is that these days we never seem to get together. So when we do it is somewhat of a special occasion. Here we are first as missionaries:
Here on activity day: Smallie, Switzy, Kuqi, Bruna, Uendi, Harrison, Me, Bardha and Koxi, not letting anyone touch her because she was sweating.

Here at district conference. Uendi, Switzy, Bruna, Koxi, Bardha, Smallie, Kuqi, Harrison, Me.

And here we are now, well some of us anyway : unable to look at the camera, except me of course. I mean, how could they, Karen was there!
ah there we go:

I love these girls. I am so blessed to have such good friends. Poor Karl and Zac. They were quite bored all night.

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