Pizza, Pizza.

Karl and I are always trying to make things interesting as far as food goes. We have our staple meals: Teriyaki Chicken, Pasta Night!, Salmon and Rice, Flying Dutchmen, Home Made Chicken Noodle Soup, etc. Last week I went to an awesome Relief Society “Cooking and Baking Night” (Shout out to Jess!) where we learned to make home made pizza. It was so easy that I knew Karl and I would have a blast making our favorite pizzas together.

We assembled all required ingredients for our favorite Pizza, Pizza’s.

Fresh tomato, put on cold, Olives for me, NOT Karl, Spicy green Peppers, Pineapple, my favorite.

Really for Karl it was MUSHROOMS! A whole bowl full.

We went all out, even getting real Wal-mart brand Pizza Sauce.

It had been a really long day, and the thought of a pineapple, double cheese pizza was the only thing that was sustaining me.


Something our readers might not know about Karl and I is that we have both worked at Domino’s. I worked at the Rexbrug Location my Freshman year of collage, for 9 months! Karl worked there twice! Once in Brawley, and then again when he first moved to Rexburg, at the same place, with the same boss, as me!
Needless to say, we both thought we knew everything there was to know about pizza making.

Mine of course was the best. I mean look at it!

This is Karl’s before he put his last layer of Cheese on…not as good as mine.

We even decided to make Domino’s style cheesy bread. I looks just like the real thing.

Ahhh, look at the goodness. It wasn’t the same as pizza from the restaurant, but it was pretty good.

I would have to say that my pizza was the best.

Karl would to disagree.

His was pretty good too. The trick is to put the tomato on after you bake it!

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