The Piano Extravaganza!!!!

Saturday October 11, 2008

3:23 am
I wake up to go to the bathroom. I come back to bed and realize that Costco in Orem finally got a shipment of the Behringer Concert electric pianos. I have called this warehouse almost everyday for the past 3 weeks. Yesterday they gave me a tip. The Lehi warehouse had received a shipment. That was at 10am. I called at 1:30 pm and they had already sold out of the piano. I was totally bummed. So as I sat in bed thinking about all of this, I got more and more anxious.

6:30 am
It had been over three hours, I couldn’t sleep. I got up to watch TV. Only infomercials.

7:30 am
Karl woke up because of the TV. He was really confused about my anxiety.

8:00 am
I knew that if we didn’t get there early someone else would get the piano before me. I knew it.

As we left the there was a little snow, and Karl was freezing. I think that he was over reacting.

These pictures pretty much sum up our emotions as we drove to Costco. I was really excited and kind of nervous, and Karl…was driving.

We arrived at Costco

It was really cold. And when we got there, the parking lot was not exactly full.

The line that I had anticipated, was non existent.

8:45 am
Karl started to complain about his ears getting too cold. He wrapped his scarf around his ears and realized that it looked like a turban.
He started to become concerned that a lone car parked outside of a business with a man in a turban inside might look a little suspicious.

My spirits remained high. I was the only one there and I was going to get my piano.

The first set of gates to Costco opened. I ran over and waited. Karl followed me over. As we sat among the electric shopping carts Karl started messing with the buttons. He pushed a button on the handle of one of the carts and sent it crashing into the wall. There was a surprisingly loud BAG. A few seconds later a man in a tie with a badge that read , Bill, General Manager, stood outside looking at us. He asked, “what are you waiting for?” Karl quickly answered in a monotone voice, “Piano.” “Which piano,” he replied. I answered, “number 305 698, Behringer Concert Electric Piano.” He smiled and said, “Why don’t you do me a favor and come inside and get warm while you wait.”

We were in! Ahead of the non-existent piano buyers line. No one else was inside before opening.
I was SO excited. Karl was just glad to not be freezing anymore. We waited at the food court and talked about how excited we were to be there.

This is Karl’s, “I didn’t have a choice” face.

9:25 am
Five minutes until opening. They let me grab a flatbed. By this time I was really warm in all of my winter clothing.

I got my piano!!!!

9:40 am
Karl needed a churro. He couldn’t pass that Costco concession stand with out getting something.

We got to the car. The piano was TOO BIG!!! Karl used his scarf to confirm what our eyes told us. There was no way that piano was going to fit into our tiny Honda.

We had no choice. We had to unpack the piano, in the Costco parking lot, to get it into our car.

9:55 am
While trying to lift the piano into the car, the Styrofoam that was holding up the biggest piece of the piano collapsed under the weight and smashed Karl’s poor arm. Not good.
10:10 am
After several failed attempts and lots of maneuvering we were left with an empty box, and…

A car full of piano bits.
We had to use all the space in the tiny little Japanese car to its greatest capacity.

There was just enough room left to fit in a chubby red headed girl.

We got the piano home. Safe and sound. We got all the pieces out, and put it all together. Karl was in his element. It took no time.

11:00 am
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hite, have their first Piano!

11 thoughts on “The Piano Extravaganza!!!!

  1. yay!!!! i am so jealous!! i want a piano too!!!! 🙁 funny story. and i agree with karl. you cant just pass by the food court with out getting anything! churro…. GOOOOOOOOD choice. 🙂

  2. Pips, what an amazing moment we got to share with you. You have wonderful story-telling skills; I really felt I was there with you, and I called Smalls in and by the end, we were holding our breath, just hoping that piano made it in your car…wow.

  3. Congratulations! I’ve been bugging Paul for a piano for a long time. We saw that exact same piano at Costco and I drooled for a good long time. I loved your story.

  4. YAY for pianos!!! I am so excited for the both of you. I was just lusting after a piano earlier this week. I’m glad someone got one!

    Also, first thing in the morning is the best time for a churro…FRESH!!

  5. so, first of all, i totally blog stalked you. success. this story is awesome. the car part reminded me of when we bought our bed at ikea. congrats on the piano :]

  6. I love your piano saga. You are exposing a hidden talent as a great story teller. I understand that it was a good thing you went to all that trouble to hurry to the store. Your Mom told me that you said all the pianos were gone within a couple of hours.

  7. This story is so “Allie”! Karl is a really good sport. I know, because I have been in his position a time or two. I am so thrilled that you got your piano, and most of all I am thrilled that you will be able to enjoy playing it.

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