October Fest!!!!

Hooray! It is October! My dear friend Shena Switzer loves October. So last year at conference time we decided to have an “October fest.” Yes I know that it is a German beer festival. We drank Martinelli’s
Lots of people come into town at conference time. Some of the visitors included some of Karl’s old mission Randy Maroo, and Tyler Calderwood.

Karl really enjoyed seeing them and I really enjoyed listening to them as they told their crazy mission stories.

I love General Conference. Karl and I are LDS. (That is members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.) Twice every year we have a general conference where the leaders of the church come gather together and teach about the doctrines of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I love conference time because it is always a time of making new goals and re newel of old ones. A time of learning and a time of gathering together with friends and loved ones.

This year was no exception. Here we are in the morning. Zac, Krysta, Ren, Shena, and Smallie.

Shena and Sarah, looking very serious. It was so wonderful to be with them.

Of course Karen was there, and all of us childless women were in love, and totally distracted by her.
Look at that face. What could we do, really??

Karl and I were in the kitchen all day…looking great in our awesome aprons that my mom made us. I am usually not really into matching, but this was pretty cool. We made “spudnuts” for breakfast. Samllie and I had our first spudnuts on a cold day in December or January while serving as missionaries in Albania together. Sister Lenhart invited us over and made this amazing treat for us. It is basically a donut, but made with potato’s. They are soft, and delicious.

Karl was our fry cook today. He did a great job!

Ooohh. So good.

We didn’t have a brush to put our glaze on, so Smallie used her fingers. There was no problem with that.

This one looks like the cheat, on homestarrunner.com. It’s a miracle!

We also made chicken noodle soup! Another recipe I learned on my mission. Homemade noodles! Yes, this is a mountain of homemade noodles. It was amazing.

We made two big pots full of carrots, celery, onion, chicken and of course, homemade noodles.Here is the group by the after noon. Krysta, Smallie, Nate, Linsay, Karl, Switzy, and Zac.

Buy the end of conference, Karl had found alternative uses for his apron pocket.

As the afternoon session finished we packed up the eating train and headed out to our bishops house with Krysta, Zac and Ren, (who just moved into our ward, woo woo!) For more food.
They have an beautiful home. It was very comfortable and well decorated. Everyone in the ward was there. One piece made me laugh and I ask my Bishop about this little guy.

Yes this is a stuffed badger. I asked Bishop Engleheart if he hunted him. The answer was “No! That guy was road kill! My son and I were on our way home from deer hunting and we found him in the road. I took him to my taxidermist before I even got home.” Hilarious! I love our Bishop.

We ate BBQ pork sandwiches and beans and one more bacon, lima bean, dish that I don’t remember the name of. It was all really good. We really enjoyed it.
So did Emily and Micheal Dixon. (Friends of ours in the Ward.) Sorry Micheal, I took this picture at the two, instead of the three. You still look great!

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  1. Hey Allie – I just saw your link thru Shena’s blog… It was so fun to see pix of the moters hanging out and I’m so impressed with all the cooking you did over conference…home-made noodles even! Looks like you and Karl are having fun, keep it up!

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