Living my Dreams Through Ren

As I thought what I would post about….I couldn’t think of anything interesting to write about. It has been a really long week of work and school for Karl and me. I get up at 5:30, get ready, read scriptures with Karl, spend my day at work with crazy adolescents that HATE me. Then I get home and if we have enough time/energy we go to the gym, or don’t and feel horrible about ourselves. We eat, do homework, sit around feeling exhausted, just to pass out around 10, just to start it over the next day. Not that life isn’t happy; it is! It is just a little full right now. I was all but decided not to post anything this week when at 10:30 last night there she was; Karen. Krysta and Zac were over. We were watching Speed Racer and loving it. It is a super-fast, super color saturated thing of awesomeness. Karen was everywhere. She has just recently learned to crawl, and has become a little speed racer herself. She scooted from one place in the room to another. Eventually Karl started to drink some water from a bottle, and Ren was interested. She loves water, and she wanted some. Karl and I spent the next half hour cracking up as Ren attempted to drink from the bottle. She did pretty well, but both she and I were soaking wet when the bottle was empty and since I didn’t have any baby cloths in the house to change her into, I found a small shirt from my mission:

It was hilarious! She just scooted around looking adorable all night. I found my story!

There is nothing like having an infant wear your smallest shirt to make you realize how big you are ; ). Her mom just tied a rubber band to the back of this elegant ball gown. This picture took me an especially long time to get. Ren love to play and she kept trying to come over to me as I came around her to take a picture of her back. We spent several minutes running In circles until I finally got this one.
Then she got distracted by the mirror. She loved to laugh at my expression in the mirror, and touch the baby on the other side of the glass.

Really the shirt was enormous on her, and for a while, she and I forgot all about the movie.

I mean look at that face! She is getting so big. Karl and I were agreeing that every time we see her she seems bigger and more aware. Her hair is getting so long and her one tooth is sticking out at last! Yes I am living my dream of having a baby through my friends. Zac and Krysta are great parents. I hope I can been as cool as them someday.

One thought on “Living my Dreams Through Ren

  1. I know why no one has commented. Really in everyones head they are saying ” Allie you should just have one of your own” But they can’t think of a way to say it covertly so they just don’t say anything. So here goes one. Gee Allie I bet your kids will be 10 times cuter.
    Gee Allie do you think your kids will have Red hair and blue eyes
    Gee Allie do you know how much diapers cost.
    Gee Allie you are the most rocking friend ever! Lets watch the office tonite!

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