Summer Reading & Learning: Lucas, Story Time in the Park, And Dino Museum

My Sweet kids, they are so smart. One of the absolute best parts of the being a parent is watching them learn, and helping as I can. Lucas has started reading chapter books this summer, and it takes a bit of effort keeping his attention, but he does it. He has started reading the Magic Tree House books and I am just so totally proud of him.

Speaking of reading, more summer reading stuff is happening! Today we went to Summer Storytime in the Park. We brought Luna too. The event began with a shot session of Yoga.

The kids love to do yoga, and had fun stretching. I was just having fun being outside in the shade, with my favorite kids.

We did some dancing with the group.

The kids were happy to dance.

After the park we drove through and got some lunch, then headed out to Thanksgiving point to do some more Gnome hunting! With a clue or two from the staff, we were able to find the TRICKY spider man gnome!!!

Lucas came prepared in his Jr. Ranger vest with binoculars at the ready.

Another fun summer day, and summer outing.

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