Hiking to the Timpanogos Caves

After making a reservation, getting the kids up SUPER early, picking up my parents and driving up the American Fork Canyon we got to the ranger station, and our tickets for the beginning of the trail head were at 9:30. After some confusion, and little favor asking, and some special doing, we were able to get on the trail and head up up UP the mountainside.

We got to the 1/4 mile Arch quick as can be.

These cuties. I think mom was more excited than Dad, but dad was pretty happy too.

The higher up we went, the more sweaty and grumpy unnamed members of the group got.

This trail is fun for a lot of reasons, but the markers of the different time eras as went up was fun to observe and discuss.

The mood would shift as we went along. Lucas was happy, and excited, and tired and annoyed at the drop of a hat.

We were making progress. It was such a beautiful morning!

We were nearly there when Belle Facetimed. We chatted for a minute.

There were restrooms here, and Lucas took a chance to use them before we went up to the cave.

We arrived about 20 minutes before our ticketed time, but the group ahead of us was a little short so we joined them. We took pictures, feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

A young ranger whose name I can’t remember, lead our tour, welcomed us, and we headed in.

The tour was fun, and even though its been nearly 10 years since we’ve been here, I remembered a lot of the story from last time. I remember a lot of the formations too. Still, it was interesting and a lot of fun.

Family in the big room

The heart of Timpanogos.

The ranger gave us lots of great info, that of course has all left my head at this point.

Thankfully, everyone was interested and engaged at our presentation. Even Dad and Lucas.

The cave is so hard to photograph, still the shapes are shapes that minerals and water make over the passage of time.

Back out in the fresh air…

We said our goodbyes to the Ranger, and headed back down the mountain. The light had changed, and the views were beautiful.

As always going down was easier, and harder than going up. And with a little dragging, we got there.

Once at the bottom, we presented our books and the kids took their pledge at Jr. Rangers. And got their badges.

Karl also got the kids vests for their badges. We are starting to collect them now.

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