And We’re Off Again!

Sunday evening I was at my Grandma Denny’s house for dinner, just like every first Sunday of the month. The topic of blogs came up. All the cousins on my mom’s side are avid bloggers. And then…my blog came up. My first and last post was two months ago. My secret was out, people would be looking! I had to come and write something! To my chagrin, I had two comments on my blog! One, from my father in law, telling me I should change the name of my blog to someting closer to an awesome old tv show the other post was from my dear autie Sherleen telling me that she was bumed that it had been long since I had posted anything. I am sorry for my absence, and am commiting now to try and post at least SOMETHING every week. Oh and papa Hite I looked up that Kate and Allie show. I have been thinking of taking our last name off for security reasons, but now it can be even cooler, because it will be just like that awesome show!

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