My 25th Birthday

Blerg! I am 25. It is my last bench mark of adult hood. When you are 18, you are officially an adult. When you are 21…you can buy specific types of contraband. When you are 25, you can officially rent a car, and FINALLY accompany a minor while they learn to drive. Sure, there are other bench marks, 30, 40, 50. I guess at 60 you start to get senior discounts, but really at 25, all age requirements are met, you can do anything you want! But now I am a quater of a century old, and that is the oldest I have ever been.

Krysta came over with Ren, like they always do, to exercise in that morning. And Ren had a pretty little outfit on. It still smelled like sharpie, and I loved it. We spent the morning shopping and rather than walking and doing Taebo or Pilates. We went to target and she bought my a pound of Jelly Bellys, only the good flavors.

Work was fun. I teach boys ranging from 13 to 17. They are all so different. Everyday is different, some days harder than the other, and it was my birthday, I wanted to have a good day. So I brought cupcakes to class, in celebration. Being boys, they loved it, and so I had a fun day at work.

That evening Karl took me to Red Lobster! It was delicious. I had lobster, and scallops, and shrimp! It was so fun! After dinner we went over to Krysta and Zach’s for ice cream and cake and hung out with some other mission friends. It was a great day!

4 thoughts on “My 25th Birthday

  1. Yay, blog! I’m so glad I can now tap into your brain at will. We have one at I never update it, though. So, basically, you can see old, outdated pictures of us if you want. Love you!

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