Pennsylvania Day 1&2: Getting There and The Hershey Trolly Ride

Emotions were high as we set off that day. Our bags were packed, and we were all ready to go. The house was locked, our neighbors were getting the mail…and once again we dropped Luna off at the kennel. After some dely, our flight was finally leaving and we were at the air port, anxiously waiting.

It was the first time Lucas had ever been on an air plane, and the first time Mirah had been since she was a baby…the kids were ready and excited. I sat with the kids on the flight, and Karl sat next to strangers.

The kids did awesome, and by all reports they loved it. Mirah too pictures out the window with her little phone camera.

Belle picked us up at the airport around 10:00. Later than we had planned. We went to Wawa’s for the first time! We bought loads of different Tasty Kakes to try. They are a regional product that is huge, and is really available in great supply at Wawa. ALSO Herr’s. A chip that is also regional to the Pennsylvania area. It is featured heavily in The Office, one of my fave shows. One thing that is especially different about Wawas is that they have their own in house grill, with really good made to order sandwiches. This day, this outing, was the point in the summer where all of my hard work, since April, went down the tube, and I struggled to get back on the wagon. BUT it was a good stop, and a fun evening.

Belle drove us all the hour and a half back to Hershey, (Or Hummlestown) where Adam, Belle, and Simon live. We get settled into their basement, and passed out.

Next thing I knew, I heard noises from above me in the kitchen. The kids, including Simon, we awake and greeting the day. Belle had purchased a huge box of Georgia Peaches right before our arrival, and we spent much of our visit eating them with and for meals.

The kids had a getting to know you breakfast on the balcony, and then the ended up out front, playing cutely together.

We had an appointment to take the Hershey Trolley Tour at 9:30, but we were all up and ready to play so we headed over to their local park with Ruby and had a nice morning visiting and goofing around.

Simon was still a little unsure about this crazy loud group of people who had descended onto his house. BUT his mom was always nearby, and he seemed to maybe recognize us. Ruby didn’t care who we were, she was ready to run and play with anyone who was willing. Our kids were very willing.

Back at the house, Lucas had caught Simon’s eye. Lucas was really the only person that Simon seemed very interested in our group.

It was time, we drove to Hershey’s Chocolate World, and as we did, it was fun to see all the Hershey stuff along the way.

Pulling into the parking lot, we of course took a quick pic with the Kiss Mobile.

Then past a huge crowd trying to get into the tour, then into the line, then onto the Trolly! Lucas and Simon were free, but that also meant that they didn’t have their own seats. SO we had to STUFF into the tiny spots. There was a spot that we could have had, but a jerk lady took it to sit by herself.

Our tour was given by these two little dears, whose names were Anna and Wilbur. Anna was the main giver of information, and Wilbur became, Mr. Hershey Sr., Mother Hershey, a Solider who got Hershey candy in his rations, an Pennsylvania Dutch factory worker, and then “himself” again. His changes came when he jumped off the bus, and then got back on again in a different outfit. It took me most of the ride to realize, he was jumping on the back of the trolley into a little changing area, then coming back to the main part of the bus. It was fun, and confusing, but very informative.

It was from these two we learned all about Milton S. Hershey, his wife Catherine, their inability to have children, their school, the town, his family, his title as a Chocolatier, and much more. It was fun. The whole ride was highlighted with funny songs from the era.

At the end of the ride, we all got a few pieces of Hershey’s chocolate, and everyone was very happy. (To get off of the Trolley)

After the tour, we headed home for snacks and naps. We broke into our treats from Wawa’s. My favorites, were the Zapp’s kettle chips, and the Butterscotch Krimpets. Simon wasn’t sure about anything, and made sure to leave a refund on his mom’s foot so she would know his true feelings. We also broke into the Herr’s Salt and Vinegar chips, which were pretty good.

After naps, and snacks, we were out front visiting, and waiting for Adam to get home from work/school. We were all excited to see him, but not as much as Simon and Belle.

Simon’s neighbors had a helmet he loved to try on, and then try onto his mom while Adam showered and changed. Next stop, dinner and a capitol in Harrisburg.

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