Pennsylvania Day 2: Evening in Harrisburg

A quick drive took us to downtown Harrisburg. The Capitol city of Pennsylvania and it’s capitol were charming, and very AMERICAN.

We headed into the capital building. It was heavily influenced by European buildings, and the writing on the inside of the dome was nearly unreadable.

The flooring of the main dome had images of inventions and animals from the area laid into it.

It was truly beautiful.

So many steps, the boys had fun looking around.

So did my little crew.

I love old buildings, there is so much to see, and observe, and question.

Out on the other side of the building, more stairs, and more interesting things to see. Did you know that Pennsylvania was the keystone state? I didn’t. It was called that due to it’s “role in the founding of the United States.”

Off to dinner! We walked to the restaurant.

We went to a local place that Belle had been wanting to try called Burger Yum. It was as advertised, really good.

After an all American dinner, including a peach shake, went on a walk along the Susquehanna River.

Simon was comfortable enough to sit on Karl’s shoulders, for a minute. Until he wasn’t.

We headed back to the house. We put the kids to bed, and Karl left to Walmart to run a few errands.

Adam, Belle, and I stayed up late that night playing D&D with the family, and TOGETHER! It was fun to actually be with someone else who was playing. I had some more chips, it was a pretty great night.

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