Alone for the First Time in a Month

Sigh- We are alone. 🙁 With no visitors on the horizon, we were alone in our house for the first time for a while. 

In other sad news:
Coke Zero was discontinued and I am SO annoyed. It has been my drink of choice for YEARS now and I am doing everything I can to to keep myself in stock. 
They only have the new Coke Zero Sugar on the shelves, but I found a bunch in a display this week, so that was a little tender mercy. 

We made lobster Mac n Cheese for dinner with root beer floats for dessert. We used the left over lobster for the mac n cheese and the root beer grandpa Hite left in the fridge for the floats. 
The last remnants of our guests all gone. We even sent Grandma Pippy’s sun glasses home with Grandparents Hite. So really, they were all gone. 

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