Pennsylvania Day 3: Hershey Park and the Chocolatier

Ok, I know that this is so dumb, but I have wanted to go to Hershey Park, like always. Since I heard of it. Hershey’s chocolate is the chocolate that tastes right to me. It’s creamy, and sweet, and perfect. All of the best candy is made with Hershey’s chocolate: Reese’s, KitKat, Heath…ALL the best. Just the regular chocolate bar, is in my opinion, the best chocolate bar. Kisses, YUM! The way that candy should be. But it is in a small town in the middle of now where East Coast Pennsylvania. I never believed that I would get there. THEN my sister actually moved to Hershey. I know that Adam got into school there, but somewhere in my mind, it felt like it was all for me, meant to be. 🙂

This is all to say, when we passed the factory, then approached the park. I WAS SO EXTICED.

And even though we got there 45 minutes before the park opened, there was a big line, and we were stoked. Especially me. Lets juts say, it’s not an accident that we ended up doing this on my birthday.

While we waited for the park to open, we checked out the gift shop, and measured our kids. Every ride has a height requirement, and they had a candy system as a quick way to see what rides kids could get onto.

Mirah is a Twizzler and Lucas is a Hershey Bar.

Sun screen applied, bubbles chased, and water drunk…

The park opened, we ran in, and got back into line. Our first coaster was Comet! Mirah got to go twice due to the rider switch program. She got to go once with Karl, and a second time with Belle, while Karl held Simon.

We went on the swings, and some other fun kids rides, then Belle said bye bye, she had to get to work. We went ahead and got on Sky Rush, which was an incredible ride. Lucas was too short to ride, and it ended up being our longest line of the day, so as fun as it was, it was unfortunately not fun or fair to him to make him wait, and not get a ride at the end. SO onto the bummer cars!

The line for the kids rides weren’t too long. We only waited a little over 20 minutes for this one, and the kids loved it. Well, Mirah wanted to go by herself, and had a hard time controlling the car. Lucas and Karl were a dream team. Once we were able to dry Mirah’s tears, we headed off to what was one of our favorite rides of the day: Lightening Racers.

We were able to ride it 3 times in a row! No Wait! Lucas and I were a team against Mirah and Karl. The hook is that it is two coasters going at one time. One side it Fire, and the other side is Lightening. As you can see in the video below, the racing coasters swerve and closely pass each other. We could easily see each other as we passed, and we yelled and gestured and laughed at each other, it was so much fun.

Next to the Lightening Racers there was a little train that Lucas was interested in, there was no line, so we hopped on and he was happy.

Then we went onto the spinner squish you ride, and Mirah and I had a blast. All of the music on the ride slapped.

There is a water park area of the park, and the day was HOT so we put on our suits and got into line at Tidal Force!

It’s hard to describe this fun and crazy ride, so instead I will show you:

Here we are, after already riding the ride:

After a little more water fun, we got dressed again, and back into line for Wild Cat.

It was about this time, Adam, Belle, and Simon returned to finish out our day together.

Belle to Lucas and Simon to ride the Merry Go Round, and Mirah, Karl, Adam, and I got onto Candymodium.

It was an incredible ride! Smooth, sweeping, and so much fun.

New off to some kid rides while the grown ups got reservations for dinner.

For dinner? We went to The Chocolatier.

It was basically a nice Applebee’s with everything a little bit chocolate.

We had to get the Sampler Ferris Wheel!

It had chi ken strips with a cheese dip, mozzarella squares with marinara, wings with a chocolate BBQ sauce, jalapeno poppers with a white cheese dip, and a spinach artichoke dip. It was fine.

Karl got the Chop steak salad. I got the Grilled Sirloin Steak with Hershey’s Cocoa & Coffee Rub, Broccolini & Chocolate Porter Steak Sauce. It was really good. The potates were boxed. 🙁

The kids got grilled chicken kids meals, which were actually really nice.

And for my birthday dessert:

I got Sooper Dooper Ice Cream Sunday!

Here is the Menu’s Description:

8 Scoops Of Today’s House-Made Ice
Cream Flavors, Chocolate Belgian
Waffle, Salted Caramel Sauce, Raspberry
Sauce, Whipped Cream, Hot Fudge,
Rainbow Sprinkles, Reese’s Pieces Candy,
Chopped Peanuts & Chocolate Chips

While we were on the Trolly Tour, Wilbur told us all about the Sooper Dooper Looper. It was the first every upside down coaster on the east coast, you know. Well, I had been wanting to go on it all day, but it was closed for repairs! The other great thing about it, is that we all were tall enough to get on! So wonder of wonders, after dinner, we were able to squeeze on one more ride, and it was open!!

Adam took Simon home for bed, and we took Belle with us on the ride.

I think my face here says it all. I had a totally boss day!

That night, Maryn called. We had a great late night chat.

This one goes down in the books as one of my best most memorable birthday’s every.

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