Pennsylvania Day 3: Birthday Breakfast by Belle

I know that I am now 38, but-I love my birthday. It’s the selfish child inside of me. I woke up to the smell of food upstairs. I knew that Belle had planned crapes for breakfast. She had called months ahead of time, and asked what I wanted for my breakfast. Adam had made the batter late last night while we played D&D. Still is was exciting someone was making me a special breakfast. Mirah me up by playing the Beatles’ “Happy Birthday” song. And hugged and kissed me in bed. She said “Aunt Chelsea is making you breakfast upstairs” so I headed up. I was ill prepared for what awaited me there.

Belle heard me coming, and she turned on the Beatles’ “Happy Birthday” song, and it’s hard to describe the energy so pictures really just do the best. She danced and sang, and laughed, and I just LOVED it!

Like she went for it, so hard. It was when she started to dance with Ruby when the magic really started.

She danced through the WHOLE thing.

Simon had started early. I was so distracted by the dancing and the singing, I didn’t even notice the gifts. The decorations and gifts were done after I went to sleep the night before, as a surprise, by Karl. You can even see a little piƱata hanging from the ceiling. All my sweetheart Karl’s work.

I sat with Simon while Belle worked on Crepes, he is just so sweet. I was just enjoying this moment. Then I saw the crepe in his hair, and I just loved him so much. It was wonderful.

This lady. I mean. She gave me a crown, saved from Simon’s first birthday party. She had quiet the spread.

Eventually the kids made it up, we had a lovely breakfast on the deck. Yes, that i a crepe, with Nutella and a Hershey chocolate bar. It was going to be a VERY Hershey day, and I figured, lean in, it’s my birthday.

After we finished eating, Simon became very interested in banners and his mom was very sweet and encouraging.

Once Karl was awake, I opened my birthday gifts. Earrings, and a shirt from Belle, thanks again lady. Karl got me Dom’s car from fast and the furious. And a puzzle. Of a dog show, because I am such a dog person.

Such a totally fantastic start to an amazing day.

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