Pennsylvania Day 4: Amish Country, Lancaster, MBMBAM

After naps, we were off, headed out to Lancaster County, to check out Amish Country there. This was a field we passed near Belle’s house, and it was just like most of the scenery we drove past the whole way.

The tell tale signs of Amish life started to appear as we started seeing buggies and children working in the fields.

We arrived at the Country Side Road stand. This place must have been the same for years. The store was a nice modern looking building with home made things for sale stacked all around.

The rolling hills and farmland were everywhere. I felt like I couldn’t or shouldn’t talk to the Amish people as they came and went. A woman came to the store in her buggy, tied her horse, did her business and left. She was kind and friendly, and greeted me as she left. This kick bike below was the coolest thing, I want one.

There was a little area of small animals over a fence. Karl and and Simon were especially interested.

Me? I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the field across the street. There were 4 large horses pulling a bailer. Two people were driving it. A man and a woman. And two people we catching the bales, by hand! It looked like totally exhausting work. For everyone. By the time we left, they had bailed 1/3 or the field. The two balers were an adult man, and a boy who couldn’t have been more than 12. Sometimes they worked together, sometimes alone. The pile of bales was HIGH as we left, and the boy was laying on top of them, tired, and super winded. I had A LOT of feelings as I watched them work. Awe, first. That is HARD work. Second, gratitude for my own easy way of living. Third…I am embarrassed to say, I felt kind of bad for them. Which I know is really condescending. Who’s to say my way of life is that much better than theirs. They know what modern living is, and they choose this way instead. It just seemed really hard!

My kids were super into the homemade playset and were thrilled to have a chance to run around. No thought of the kid on the other side of the road working his heart out.

There was this funny swinging table, that we all had a seat on.

This place is known for it’s pretzels. This mad is known for his love of them. It was was a match made in Lancaster. We got six pretzels, 4 salted, 2 sweet. And lemonade to share. They were serious about that sweet buttery coating.

We were all smiles as we laughed and ate together.

Belle and I went in to shop a little. We got a jar of Red Raspberry Seedless Jam and a book about the Amish. Plus a few magnets for presents. The worst part was Simon and Lucas were in there with us and a SUPER grumpy man was upset that they touched, ANYTHING. He eventually invited Belle and Simon to leave, so she didn’t buy anything. I support her, that man was being a jerk. We played a little more…

Then headed into town for dinner. Belle first brought us to a place she really wanted to share with us. RANDOMLY, it was closed! Bummed, we found and Ethiopian place to try. We sat down, as a couple who had not been served left. They said that they had been waiting 30 minutes, and hadn’t even given their order. After waiting a bit, we too gave up, and ended up just driving through a Wendy’s on the way home. We stopped at a Whole Foods on the way home for a few snacks too.

It was bed time when we got home, and Ruby was excited to see us. Adam was back from work, and it was a flurry of getting kids in bed, baths, and everything for a while.

That night there was a Mac Elroy show on YouTube that we streamed together.

The show opener was Sawbones, my favorite.

We had a Chantilly cake from Whole Foods for our snack during the show. I had never had one before.

The boys were in rare form that night, and we had a good time watching and laughing together.

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