Pennsylvania Day 5: Gettysburg and Rita’s

After a breakfast of champions: Leftover Amish Pretzel with cheese sauce (One to share between all of us)…

We got ready with some special braids made by Auntie Belle.

And after some effort Simon was is dressed and playing with Lucas.

We had some fun meals planned for the trip, namely Karl’s Butter Chicken, with home made Naan. It needed to rise, so Karl made it first thing.

Off we went, on search of adventure. The rolling hilled farm land near Adam and Belle’s place were beautiful.

We headed over to Sheetz, a local convenience store, it had a to-go order grill, like Wawa’s and we wanted to try it and compare, for science. #Pennsylvania. All the fun different local treats were fun to see. Like the Mallo Cup, Peanut Chews, and Fruit-tellas.

We got some delicious hot sandwiches and found a local park to eat and play at.

The kids got excited about the rock wall, and had fun with Auntie Belle as a spotter.

We decided to go to Gettysburg that day instead, due to a soft ball game that Adam had the next day.

It was a beautiful building and a super well curated experience.

We bought the Film, Cyclorama & Museum Experience tickets at the visitors center. We watched the film, “A New Birth of Freedom.” The pamphlet said: “the film provides the backdrop for your visit with a dramatic look at the battle and its place in history.  After the movie we went to the Gettysburg Cyclorama. We then surrounded ourselves with the sights and sounds of Pickett’s Charge.

It was beautiful painting. It turns out that Cycloramas were apparently a common thing around the turn of the century. It was painted in 1883, to recognize the 20th anniversary of the battle.

NEXT, the museum that had many unique and interesting pieces. Like these Union and Confederate uniforms, right at the enterance.

My favorite stuff was of COURSE all the cool stuff about Abraham Lincoln. Like his campaign pin, and this cool WIDE AWAKE pamphlet.

I never am sure where the south is exactly, now I know. It seemed like a good time to learn about the Emancipation Proclamation.

There was also a really great portion of the museum about the African American’s in Gettysburg.

Happy. Don’t focus on the dead eye.

Lucas was getting Tired, so we read about his assassination…

Checked out the old diorama that I saw when I came here in the eighth grade, and headed out to take picture with the statue of Lincoln.

A few more stops to see it all.

We went to check out the Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Boys holding hands.

I can only imagine the 8th grade tours of this place can get pretty rowdy.

This is where Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg address. We listened to a park ranger for a while.

Then headed out.

The kids got their Gettysburg Junior Ranger badges and I got myself a sweet new pin.

We got home and got to work on dinner. INDIAN FOOD!!

After a perfect delicious dinner we went on a drive through Hummelstown and Hershey.

Adam stayed home and put Simon to bed, while we all ran out and got a treat at a sweet local place called…

RITAS! (Haha, Adam) No it was really good.

We lined up, and ordered with our hearts.

Lucas loves Ruby, and Ice Cream.

We made sure to bring Adam one home.

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