Pennsylvania Day 7: Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, Chinatown, Harbor Park, and a Long Walk Home.

One of the things that I was so excited about in Philadelphia was to see sights of our nations history. So after checking into the air B&B, getting a snack…

And planning our Route…

We made our way to Independence National Monument. The home of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell!

We had an appointment to see Independence Hall so it was our first stop.

I ran over and got us some Junior Ranger Manuals while we waited to get in.

Simon was excited to get it, and so were my kids.

Independence Hall was the hold capitol of Pennsylvania. It housed the three branches of government, here was the Judicial. One of America’s first court rooms. And certainly one of its longest lasting judicial structures.

On the other side of the building, is the Legislative Branch, the room where it happened. The ratification of the Declaration of Independence, and the signing of the US Constitution.

The ranger who guided the tour told us all about the people who were there.

It was exciting to know that my kids got to see it all themselves. To be in the room where it happened that they have heard so much about in Hamilton.

That was THE chair that Washington himself sat in during the proceedings. This is a reconstruction of the Sun carving on the top of the chairs.

Before we left, we wanted to get a family photo and Simon was OVER the tour, so he thought he would get into the photo. We got it in the end.

And that was it.

Next we went to see the Liberty Bell! The monument closed at 5:30, and we were worried we wouldn’t make it in. BUT we did. Hooray!! There was a cool set of memorabilia and such as we walked to see THE bell.

And we were there!!!!

After that exhilarating experience we headed out to get our Junior Ranger Badges!

That building closed at 5:30 too! So we had to rush over to get the ranger to help us, but the kids were so excited, and we made it and got our badges!

It was another Pennsylvania scorcher and we were trying to find a bit of shade to cool off under.

Our buddy Simon was not so much into posing.

Lucas was not that into it either.

We walked out looking for dinner. We stopped at a Wawas on our way, and were exited to see all of the offerings.

We made our way to China town, looking for some dumplings and scallion pancakes!!


Dinner accomplished.

After dinner Adam and Belle headed home to put Simon down, and we went wondering in the city.

We found our way down to the waterfront. It was HOT, even as the sun went down. The kids had fun especially as we made our way to Harbor Park.

It was a really cool place. There were food trucks, and an arcade and hammocks for public use. PLUS the big red chair.

I love these freaking kids.

It really was a lovely place. It looked like the kind of place we would love to spend time in at home.

Our feet were aching and it was getting dark, so we headed in for the night. We wondered through the old brick buildings of South Philly. We saw that they had these old boot scrapers at the door steps. A reminder that these streets used to be dirt.

We passed Pennsylvania Hospital, the first Hospital in the US.

At this point we were just BLOCKS away from the hotel, and we were so tired. The kids were walking more slowly than ever, and when they found huge pieces of tree bark, they had to wear them on their heads.

We all collapse into bed, and slept the night away.

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