Pennsylvania Day 7: Philadelphia Museum of Art & The Rocky Statue

Our last morning in Hummelstown/ Hershey was rushed and loud. The view on the left was us in the bed downstairs. The one on the right was our last look at Adam and Belle’s cute house.

We headed over to Philadelphia, and our first stop going into town was the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

It was truly a lovely building. Iconic from the front, but very beautiful from the back, which is where the entrance is.

As we came in, it was truly astonishing how much significant art was contained in that place.

We were thrilled to see Sunflowers there!!

There were other significant works from Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso there too.

This artist was familiar but new to ME, Henri Rousseau. Moving and meaningful, and full of symbolism. I’m excited to see more of his work later. Another new artist that I loved was Leon Frederic. This quartet of cherubs in their seasons was obsessive to look at. Then there was the furniture. And the Tonight at the Black Cat.

This gorgeous painting of the Moorish Chief. I was so excited and envious of Mirah to be able to see these great works for herself so young.

Picasso and Rivera, it was incredible. An impressive and important collection of modern art.

Another new artist to me Paul Klee. I am obsessed. I want to buy a print ASAP.

There was a special exhibit of the work of an American Artist. Her work was big and much performative. She is also still living, and is a Black woman. Her perspective is an clear one, and I was grateful to see it. Even with all of the other beautiful pieces we had seen that day, the most memorable thing we saw that day was at the end of the exhibit. With a projector looking through old metal computation tins. I think. It was so cool, and quiet, and interactive.

More great works to come.

Come classical and others grotesque.

Some spiritual like this beautiful painting of Mary called the Annunciation.

And THEN another landscape by my favorite: Albert Bierstadt.

It was time to get going, and say farewell to the Art.

Mirah being a helpful cousin.

We walked around to the front

To the Rocky Steps!!!

Then to the Rocky Statue.

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