Qualtrics Summer Party 2017

Mom, holding Mirah’s hands 🙂 walking into THE QUALTRICS SUMMER PARTY!!!

This year they had a bunch of sweet carnival rides. We got right to it! 

Oh my goodness these kids loved it so much. 

Grandma went on the little pirate ship ride! 

Then Karl and I got on the gyroscope. 

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!! 
Next we went to the bumper hover carts. 
We even connived mom to join us! 
Karl and Lucas were together in a cart. 
Here we go!

Mirah and me were together too! 

Next a Gyro Swing! 

THEN-face paint time. 
And snow cones. 
Oh, and balloons. 
Mirah got a unicorn.
That matched with her butterfly face paint! 

Mom got a lady bug bracelet. 
This sweet lady made it for us. 

And what did Lucas get?
A spider man sword! 
Spider man is having a great day! 

Oh did I mention that I got a butterfly to match Mirah’s? 

Oh and this sweet lady made me a princess crown too. 

Me and my cute kids. 
Karl brought me a snow cone. Cuz, he loves me. 

Yeah, Summer party complete. 

We thought it was the perfect time to take a family picture! 
We got into the Photo Booth Bus!

Bumblebee’s came! We got the K-Pop Fries! 

Everyone else got some radical grilled cheese. 
By the time we were done with dinner, it was getting dark. So we went and got our blanker out of our car and got ready for the fireworks! 
The show began! 

I am SO glad mom was with us. She has a sense of wonder and awe that I hope I will still have when I am her age. 
Lucas was a little nervaous after a while. 

It was a really long show, like 40 minutes! 
We got home, cleaned up, and got the sleepy over sugared kids into bed.
I was feeling so sad mom would be leaving in the morning. 
Mom was happy to see Dad. She had been missing him.
Good way to spend mom’s last night. 

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