School Shopping and Lunch with Cam

Mom’s last day in Utah was jam packed with fun, food and time together. 
We started the day off early with a breakfast at Hruska’s Kolachi’s!
The line was out the door, but it moved quickly enough.
They were out of plain cheese so we had to get sweet only. They basically sell out as they make them so everything was super fresh. 
We met up with Karen and Krysta too, they were to be our companions in our morning activities. 
It was at this moment that I realized that I had water picked a filling out of my back tooth that morning. When I bit into my food my whole face was in sharp and agonizing pain. 
Everyone else was happy though. 

After breakfast we went school shopping! 
I wanted to get Mirah this little number. It was just too flashy. 😉 
We for Mirah a ton of little school dresses at Crazy 8 and H&M. 
We had a successful morning of shopping, and parted ways with Krysta and Karen so we could meet Cameron and Krystin for lunch. 
We had gotten Lemonades to drink at the mall, and the kids were still drinking those. 
I love mom’s face here. Its just so sweet. I know how much she loves my kids. 

There was a slight confilct in time. Cam was meeting someone else for a lunch, and so we met up with him for a minute to chat before he had to go. 
Lucas wasn’t meant to be in this picture. 
Then he ran into a game of a few men on the lawn. Ugh. 

There was a company having lunch at the tables so we sat on the swings and shot the breeze. 

Eventually I had to strap Lucas in to keep him out of trouble. 
KP arrived. She and mom went and got Lunch at Zupas, then came and met me and the kids at Del Taco. We had a nice lunch. The kids were being nuts, and KP didn’t have very long, and I somehow didn’t get any pictures. 
When it was time to leave, I could only find one of Luke’s shoes. I even climbed up into the play place and went down the slide. It turns out that Lucas threw his shoe over the gate in the play place and the staff were totally unhelpful in getting it out. 
I sweet pre teen and her mom were however very helpful. The girl jumped the gate for me, and her mom helped guide her steps and get her down. People are good. 

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