Happy Chinese New Year 2022: Red Envelopes, Finishing Karate, Scavenger Hunt, and Chinese food!

Happy Chinese New Year! Lunar New Year! The year of the TIGER!! The kids are excited:) The school didn’t do much that day. Last Friday was the Lantern festival, and the kids were so excited to bring lots and lots of lanterns to help decorate the school. Mirah brought 20 and Lucas brought 32! They made all of them by themselves and it was so fun and cute. I have been volunteering at the school’s reading program a couple mornings a week, and it I was lucky to be able to check it all out! It looks so cool!

The only instruction was that the kids had to make them and no black, white or gray, since those are colors that symbolize death, and are therefore bad luck.

Mirah’s class went all out, and decorated the walls all around their class:

They even did a little writing and art project about the year of the tiger, here is Mirah’s:

The Day of Lunar New year arrived and the kids were so cute and ready to celebrate! They dressed up in al red and gold for school, Lucas even had a shirt with a tiger on it, that is gold! It was kismet! The kids got red envelopes with $2 bills in them, and it took Lucas not time to spend his money at the book fair on a UV light maker. We gave envelopes to some of our cousins too, and just had a fun time celebrating.

Another significant thing that happened on this day: Lucas’s last day of Karate! He love doing it, and had fun, but ultimately, he didn’t enjoy the day to day of the classes, and for now is setting it aside. I could see him picking it up again. BUT we will see. Here he is with his teacher, Sean and Conner:

When Lucas got home, we went to the Library to do the Chinese Zodiac Scavenger Hunt! The hunt involved finding all of the little zodiac figures hidden around the children’s area of the library. We each got a little red envelope, that we then filled with tokens from each section. Here we are at the Rat for Karl, the Pig for me, the Goat for Lucas, and the Dragon for Mirah. We of course took time for celebrate 2022 and the year of the tiger, this year!

Right down the middle of the children’s section is HUGE paper dragon! It was made with love and by the tweens in the orem area. Mirah even helped at a Primary activity make some of it’s scales!

It was a silly little thing, but we all had fun running around the library!

Our celebrations then went to the Asian market to get loads and loads of Asian treats, and we even bought a new Money tree for the house.

Dinner we went a little nuts and ordered PF Changs. We all ate our fill, and really enjoyed ourselves.

Fun celebrations, good food, silly activity, and lots of bright clothing! Who could ask for anything more?

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