Valentines Day 2022

Like many holidays, Valentines day is one of my favorite things. AND then of course I have to show the people in my life here in Orem that I love them. Family, first. Sunday night we had a family dinner. Steak cooked to perfection, potatoes, and asparagus. Lots of party juice and good conversation.

Valentines day morning Karl made hear shaped pancakes for the kids, and I gave the kids and Karl some gifts. I got Karl some mens body care, and the kids a graphic novel, a big candy bar, and a Enchanto Dolls.

After breakfast we took pictures of the kids on the porch with their boxes, (Lucas’s new alligator box) and headed off to school.

Luna and I walked them, to keep them safe. 🙂

I visited mom and dad and dropped off their gift, and mom gave me mine: Chocolate covered strawberries.

On my way home from mom and dad’s I stopped to get my hair cut, no pictures yet.

Then I went to Lucas’s Valentines Day party and gave the kids a snack, they were truly horrible. The best part about it was seeing them pass out their treats to each other, and seeing Lucas and Parker with their boxes.

When I got home, Karl had a WONDERFUL surprise for me.

The kids got home, and mom and Karl were excited to hear about their days, and mom brought the kids balloons and candy. Where my response to Karl’s transformation was very positive, the kids were mixed bag. Mirah screamed, and said he looked good, and Lucas ran out of the room and refused to look at him.

Mom left, and then the Whitmore’s arrived for dinner and a party. We took the kids on a walk, used lots of stickers, and had an enormous amount of wings for dinner. Karl made creme brulee for dessert and it was amazing. Zac was there too, an although I didn’t get a picture, he brought his friend Jamie with him too.

Good times were had by all.

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