President’s Day Weekend: Logan, The Hulls, Snow Day, Pokemon, and Pho

On the week leading up to this weekend we had all sorts of plans. We thought we might go to Lava Hot Springs, or maybe to Bear Lake, or even to Southern Utah. Nothing seemed to come together, so the weekend we ended up having was prettty great and nice even so.

After having a leisurely lie in on Saturday morning, we headed up to Logan Ut.

We of course went to Gossner’s on our way into town, then stopped at MayMoes Cajun Grill for lunch. We had fried shrimp and grits, and hushpuppies, and beignets. It was a heavy and delicious lunch.

Our next stop was Grandma and Grandpa Barney. They seemed well. Grandma was concerned about everything, but happy to see us. Grandpa seemed a little tired, but was still his happy funny self.

After a short visit, we headed over to see Greg and Shirlene. Yeon Mi was there with her girls too! They were in town for the weekend to do some post-op check ups. We had a nice visit, then wished them well and were back on the road.

Our last stop of the night was Roy, where we had dinner with the Hulls! Sunny made her delicious burritos and beans and rice. Mom and Dad were there too, and brought a Brownie Sunday bar. Cam and Kelly came too. The kids all played together in the yard while the grown ups chatted. Bryanne’s Husband Mike had the whole yard set up for the kids, and music playing too.

I was so busy talking and laughing that the only pictures of the night I got were these of our cute grown ups at the end of the night. Dad always seems so relaxed when he’s with Sunny. When dad is relaxed, mom is happy.

Sunday was a quiet day of church and video games and sleep. A big storm swept in over night and blanketed everything in white The kids LOVED it.

We had planned on going for a RIP with the RC’s so we headed over to the park.

These kids look so cute trying to catch snow on their tongues.

Things weren’t too cold yet, but they sure were pretty.

The house looks so cute in the snow.

The snow was just not quitting and we were all getting cold so we got home and got warm.

Karl and Mirah played Pokemon and Lucas played Link’s awakening. It was not the adventures weekending we imagined, but it was a nice one.

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