Snow Day with the Whitmores

It had been snowing since Sunday, and I was starting to get a little loopy. I love the snow in theory, but those dark days tend to be hard for me…and Luna.

We got up, did a little organizing, and then I took the kids to a movie:

It was a pretty fun movie. I was not expecting to like it very much, but it was really good.

Then, to really brighten my day, Karen and Krysta came and we all went sledding!

We brought the puppies with us and I think that they had the most fun of all.

Mirah took a bit of a spill right off the bat, so she was a bit mopey most of the outing.

Karen REFUSED to take a cute picture for me, and I wanted to just squeeze her face.

Man she is growing into such a little beauty. I love her so much.

After sledding we had to run over the the Dentist’s office for a check up.

Another day of running around. Home again home again, for chicken noodle soup, then off to rec center for Climbing. PHEW! What a day!

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