Dino Museum with Kelly and Mom

So one thing that mom was very excited about going and doing was the Dinosaur museum! Otherwise known as the museum of ancient life.
Sloan was maybe the second most excited. 
That’s right, we met up with Kelly and the boys too. 
We ran in and out of of exhibits. Through the dark star tunnel of the big bang and then on through the different periods especially as they are relevant in Utah.
We finally stopped running when we got to the build a dinosaur station.  

The kids started to freak, so we gave them a few snacks. 

Going through a museum with mom is so much fun. She loves everything and gives the best reactions to things she things are cool.
Like this huge sea turtle. 

This baby pygmy elephant. 
Turn around so one second…oh Reese. 

Then we got to everyone’s favorite photo stop. 

Lucas thought that these human skeletons fighting a mammoth were so cool. 

The kids were so excited to run around and dig in the sand room. 

Sweet Mirah wanted all the diggers and brushes for herself. 
As a note: she is wearing her new dinosaur dress from aunt KP. 

We took a picture of moms and the kids. 
Kelly and the boys left for home, and we decided to give the museum another pass. 

Some of the bones are so huge! 
We took a better look at the big dinos. 

The kids weighed as much as a very small dinosaur. 


One last group shot!

We went to dinner at Pho Plus, my favorite.
Mom got a sweet drink. 
It was a pretty great day.  

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