Battle of the Books

After months of reading, taking notes, memorizing titles and authors, the first round of battles, then the second…Mirah and her team, Girls 4 Ever, were in the 3/4th grade Semi Finals of this year’s Cascade Elementary Battle of the books. They were one of the top four teams, and they were amazing!

From left to right:

Maddie, Charlese, Mirah and Mimi.

The final four teams getting instructions:

Here they are in their semi final battle:

When they would talk about what they thought the books were they would get so close together so fast I thought that they were going to bonk heads!

They won!

Putting them in the final round!

The finals was an all boys team called Book Street Boys. 🙂

It was a dramatic Round! Mimi, their spokesman, got a bloody nose right in the middle!!

In the end they lost their last battle, but who cares, because they got 2nd place!!!

SOOOOOOOOO SO proud of them.

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