Pioneer Day BBQ and Firework

We had a BBQ a little while after mom arrived. Karl made his delicious smash burgers.
After dinner we did a fun curb side firework show! 
Doing Mirah poses.

KP, Adam, and Belle Joined Mom me and Karl and the kids.

While we got the fireworks going, Belle showed Lucas how her keyless entry works. 

Goodluck getting those back Belle. 
Mom took a couple of cute close ups of Belle that night. 
We all got settled. 

And we started with the sparklers. 
And smoke bombs. 
Then we started setting off the crackers and these two chickens to a major step back. 
We tried some new fireworks this time. 
These exploded into huge pieces.  
Our new favorites speed balls.
Baby speed balls, or Small Bees. 

One of my favorite fountains. 

After Karl making Mirah hold a sparkler, 

Talking about firework safety, 

We got both Mirah and KP to come back to the curb. 
We had some other visitors too. 
We invited them to join us. 
Mom and Belle, happy to be together. 

Mom was pretty excited to be with everyone. 


Such a fun night. 

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