First Days of Staycation

After a long busy summer of hard work for Karl our long planned for family “Stay-cation” had finally begun. 
We had a nice long lay in on that Saturday morning. 
We went out to breakfast, and then to the Provo farmers market for the first time this year!

This year there were lots of new and fun things.
Like a blacksmith. 

These cuties. Lucas and his dad. They are two peas. 

Speaking of peas, here is this little one. We bought the kids honey sticks. Mirah was happy snacking as we walked around. 
After we had made out way around the market, we took a seat to watch the spray paint artist make a mural on plastic in the middle of the park. 
Lucas was hard to nail down. 
He was covered in honey and a sample cookie. 
Mirah was pretty riveted.

Lucas was getting tired and sticky. 
Trying to get his honey into his mouth. 

After that we went to the playground. 

We got home with a back full of honey sticks and fresh bread. 
Oh and a new awesome coat! 

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