Grown Up’s Day at Lagoon

Look at these babies.

We 27 and 26 at the time. No babies. We had lived in Provo for 2 years, out of college two years. It was a million years ago. We had just started trying to have kids. No miscarriages yet, so much still ahead of us. Karl had just graduated from BYU. He hadn’t started at Qualtrics yet. I was still working in residential at Heritage. We were still living in Lilac Place.
Why are we looking at this picture? This is the last time we were at Lagoon, 7 years ago. 

I was thinner, my hair was shorter, and I had bangs. 

Then here we are. Monday of our staycation. 
Still together, still in love. Lots more experience under our combined belts. 
And we have become much more serious about staying out of the sun. 
My darling, amazing, loving, perfect BFF Krysta took the kids for the day, and so, as though it were seven years earlier, we went to an amusement park alone together. We were SO excited. We love roller coasters, we love water slides, and we love to be together. 
We arrived as the park opened and the first coaster we got on, The Cannibal. 
You see that big brown tower? That is an elevator shaft. Your car speeds up with a counter weight. That is the top. It’s the first big drop. You slowly go over the edge then start to go UPSIDE DOWN. 
It is a TOTALLY radical coaster. We went on it again right after the first time for good measure. 

Next the Ferris Wheel. While on the ferris wheel we got a call. 
That THIS had happened:
YUP. This was a reminder that things were very different this time at Lagoon. We still had little people who love to play back at home. We were ready to come home, but Krysta, insisted we stay. She was already headed to the instacare, and was just calling to get our insurance information. 
This was a hard choice to make. I was upset, and wanted to leave, but we talked about it, and by the time we got home, he would already have stitches. So knowing he was in the hands of basically his third parent, we stayed at the park.  
(Kyrsta called and texted about 20 times this day. She was amazing and took a million pictures, so check out the next post for all of that_

I was pretty distracted after all of that. 
So we got inline on the ride next to the ferris wheel. The Rocket. 
It was TALL. 
I had a #chubbypersonproblem on that ride. 
“Check #5, check it again. # 5 is still not latched.” Enter young employee, shoving down hard on my lap band. It shut. But it was pretty embarrassing. It has instantly become a family meme any time we have chubby person problems, we say, “#5, check #5.”

We got on the people mover and road it across the park. 
We road all the coasters on that side of the Park too. Like Wicked, and Colossus, and my favorite:
The Spider. 
We were wondering aimlessly at this point so we thought it would be fun to ride Cliffhanger. 
We thought, “oh we won’t get that wet.”
Ugh, we got SOAKED. I mean to the bone, all of our clothing, totally soaked. 

We went back to our locker at the Colossus, and then spent the next 30 minutes trying to get it open. 

The day was HOT and we decided to go ahead and go to the water park. 
I was on the phone a lot with Krysta here. She was giving me all the Luke and Mirah updates. 
My phone spent the next few hours in the locker. But needless to say we had a total blast. We floated sleepily on the Lazy River, and Karl got mad at other people because of their quote “crimes against laziness” We road all of the rides twice, and even found a place in the park that would refill our soda cups with Coke Zero and Diet Dr. Pepper. It was PRETTY great. 😉 
We road all of the water slides and had basically the best time. 
After being all done with the water park stuff, our clothing was still all wet, so we decided to go check out the Log Flume, and Rattle snake rapids. 
Log Flume, was a super lame log ride, with a super long line. It was a waste. BUT Rattle Snake Rapids was a fast line, and totally fun and worth it. 
We did some light shopping. 
Then we went to the Pioneer village and got some sweet ice cream! 
Like SO much ice cream. 
Two scoops. Caramel Praline and Rocky Road. 
Everything was wet at this point. PLUS my white shirt had gotten all stained from the lap bands on the roller coasters. 
I begged to buy a new shirt, and this was the clearance shirt we ended up with. 
We were in line for the train here. 
On it here. 

We took a few more stops after this. We road the Cannibal a couple of times, we road the spider again, we did wicked again. We were ready to get some food, and decided to be done. Ww left the park around 8:30 totally exhausted. We stopped for a quick bite a Chipotle on our way home.  We got home around 10 PM. The kids were in bed. And what seemed like moments after we arrived, so were we. 

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