Seven Peaks Birthday Fun!

After an amazing sweet breaky at Magelby’s we dashed home to change into our suits to meet up with some buddies at Seven Peaks. 
I got the kids all outfitted and sun screened. 
All the important parts covered. 

Kyrsta, Karen, and Uncle Adam were on there way, but we beat them there. We got there right as the park was opening and scored some preemo chairs with lots of shade! 
“Spida maaan.”

Soon Karen and Krysta arrived and the little girls ran over to the kids pool. 
Krysta was SO excited to get some birthday kisses in. 

Note that the park opens at 10 AM, but lots of things like the wave machine, and the lazy river don’t turn on until 11. That was okay, we happily got into the kids zone. 
Lucas was stoked to be on the slide!

Mirah too. 

Uncle Adam arrived and the party really started! 
We did the lazy river, and the wave pool when they opened, but little birthday boy was getting a little worn out, so we had to take a break. 
Which was fine by me! 
Kyrsta took Mirah and Adam took Karen and they went and did slides and the lazy river. 

Lucas rested snug in his towel. 

Resting was over after about 20 minutes. 

Ahhh, and nice quiet moment in a generally busy day. 
Uncle Adam came back with Karen and found us, just long enough to say he had to go, and take a quick pic with the birthday boy! 
We left around noon. We went and got happy meals for lunch, then went home, bathed, and had some quiet time of our own. 

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