Lucas Turns 2 Goodmorning!!

My love, my son, my baby boy is 2 years old today!!
Just 2 years ago we first met:

Some highlight of that moment.

Two years later, we were waking up a hiding baby boy from bed. 

What you can’t see, is that Lucas is looking at me, Karl, and Mirah as we all loudly sang, “happy birthday dear Lucas!! Happy Birthday to you!”

Karl took this moment to grab little Luke and give him lots and lots of loves.
Not unlike when they were first first getting to know each other:
We got Lucas dressed while Mirah got herself undressed. 

Dude, it’s Luke’s birthday! 
This radical shirt was a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Hite. 
Saying Cheese!!
Still sleepy, but at least he was dressed! 

On a special morning we went out and had a special breakfast. 
Pancakes at Magelby’s Fresh! 
We got there, placed our order, and got all seated.
The kids knew it was an exciting day, and they had so many giggles and wiggles. 
I mean a lot of wiggles.

That all changed when the food came. 
They got really focused when their bacon and pancakes arrived. 
We had to move to a high chair. 
Well, we were fed, and out and ready to go, we had went home, changed and headed over to Seven Peaks water park!!

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