Art Project

Last summer I watched this cool doc during the PBS online film festival: 
The long and the short, she uses math to inspire her art.

Like this piece below, which I LOVED. She used playing cards to randomize her painting.
This was the outcome:

I love it. 

My ever efficient Karl found a way to do some randomization in this program:

Then he tranferred it into Google Sheets. 

Then we transferred the grid onto a board. 
Then we started with a dark stain and black acrylic paint mix. 

I was on the far left, Karl was on the far right, and we met in the middle. 
We worked in 12 x 12 boxes, and marked colors off in red as we went. 

Yeah I got paint on my face. 

Final product! 

Then in our room! 
My view every night! 
I LOVE the way tit turned out. It is always so fun to find a project and work on it together. 

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