Back to the Zoo

Gear up for gang, there are nearly 200 pictures in this post here.

Its summer time and it was time to get back to the Hogel Zoo. We love the zoo. It was going to be 100 degrees out that day, so we headed out as early as we could. We got there 10 minutes before the 9:00 AM opening. And got FRONT ROW parking! 

We waited excitedly to get into the park once we bought our tickets! 

The new draw this year? Not dinosaurs, or Legos…but GIANT BUGS! 
Big crickets. 
Big old bumble bee. 

And of course first stop at the Lion fountain! 
Lucas was just tickled this year to take a sip! 


My lion babes. 
Speaking of Lions, top tip:
Go check em out early in the day. The are so active and fun to watch! 

Lucas saying, what are they doing? 
Then again over at the viewing windows. 

While waiting to the lions, we got a call, our cousins had arrived!! 
Yep, that’s right Mirah’s buddy Brookynn had arrived.
Here they are two summer’s earlier. Even the trees have gotten so much older! 

These cuties!

It wasn’t just Brooklynn who was there. Aunt Shirlene and Uncle Greg came too, with Yeon Mi and Kennedy too! 

Now we were all together we checked out the gibbons. 
Lucas was really into the gibbon. 

Ack! Another huge insect! 

Next the Great Apes! 

Getting so big! 

There were several great birds out and about to see up close. 

Wow! A balled eagle! 
The elephants were out and about and playing that day! 

As Mirah and I were watching the elephant drink she squirted water on us!!
Next the rhinos. 
And a little break in the shade. 
Our annual picture at the Eagles nest. 
A reminder that my lady is getting SO tall and growing up. 
They both are. 

We went to play in the water. 
Then to our favorite place, the bird show! 

We got a great seat right up front. 
Oh hello. 
The show started. 
The girls moved up front. 

And Lucas began to struggle. 

And Brookie got picked to help! 

The birds flew over so love that it hit the boys in the head! 

More birds. 

What a show! 
Then we went on the Conservation Carousel. 
Lucas road the okapi! 

Mirah road the seal. 
I was next to her on the penguin. 

Aunt Shirlene and the girls! 

Up in the Asian Cats area, we got to feel the skin of a tiger. 
Ring a prayer bowl. 

And see a tiger walk above us! 

With the tigers. 

And the otter. 
Taking time to check out the seals. 

Our last place to visit: The Train! 


One last shot before we go! 

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