4th Fireworks and Dessert with the Kids

We took all the kids out front and started simple with sparklers. 
We have LOADS of them, and Karl got started before I was out front. 
Then Karl did some crackers. 

The kids were too nervous, and it was still too sunny for them to be willing to get nearer the road. 
Everyone is in their amazing Independence day outfits! 
Look at these perfect ladies in their little dresses! 

Lucas in his cute tank top and shorts. 

Oh my goodness I love this BOY!
And out comes his silly little tongue! LOVE HIM! 
He is just too silly! 

We shot off some parachute and spider rockets. 
The kids all fought over the parachutes.

The kids started to get closer to the road as we lite the tanks and snakes. 
The tanks mostly just caught on fire. 

With all of the daytime fireworks lit off, it was time to try and get a shot of the kids on the poarch in their red white and blues! It was mostly a fail. But pretty funny and cute too. 
Wha’ cha’ diggin’ for Jude? 

Money shot. 

Oh Lucas, so close. 

Everyone but Karen this time. 

Got it? 

Lady found some ties in the grass. 
Or I mean new bracelets. 

Hiya buddy. 
And her ladies! 

Lucas and his Aunties. 

After the photo shoot we had apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream. 

Then back out front to eat! 

And then back inside to wait for some darkness. 
These cuteis!! 

The sun was down, even though it wasn’t very dark. 
We had to get started again! 

I just love fountains. 

Even though all of that popping and sparking makes my little guy nervous. 

Karl was able to convince him to hold a sparkler. 
SO cutely. 

Then he got nervous again. 
So he went to his beloved Zac for comfort. 
It was getting late, and he was getting tired. 
Now some time for a little Mirah commentary. 
It was really quite and impressive spot. 

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