Independance Day BBQ

Our Independence Day celebrations had already been so much fun, how could we pack in any more fun?
Who wants a BBQ??
And as the grill master, Karl had spent the summer perfecting his “smash burger” technique of grilling burgers. 

We have graduated from pre-made pre-shaped frozen patties. 
We buy ground beef in bulk, roll it into balls, and SMASH it into thin patties. 

Food was made, and Lucas just wanted the meat. 
And to not be stuck in the high chair. 
So we let him out, and gad him at the kids table with Mirah. 
These cuties. 
CUTIES. I love these perfect summer baby faces. 

Besides burgers we had Mexican Style Elote and bean dip. Nothing more American than that!

Karl got us a lime flavored mayo from the Mexican mart and fresh cotija cheese too.  

We had pink salad, and potato salad, thanks to Krysta. And Betsy brought all of the corn! 

Meanwhile back at the kids table. 

In other news:
The little ladies are getting bigger and cuter by the day! 
Rosie loved the car! 

Ginger and Rosie…

Then…water balloons!
And a bunch more pictures of the kids in the water:
And lady Karen…

They are trying to drink out of the sprinkler. 

Besty brought cheesy puffs, and Lucas found his new favorite thing in the world. 

Watch out! 

Oh no. 

Mirah was digging for gold, sitting like a lady. 
I love this kid SO much. 

Zac wore his new Digi-camo hat to keep everyone’s spirits high! 

Babes in swimsuits! 

Its so nice to be in the yard, in the shade with this wonderful guy. 

Babies new ideas. 
Chairs in a pool. 

Ginger wanted to mow the lawn. 
After all the outside fun, we went in and got dried off and relaxed indoors for a minute. 
But is was getting late, and firework o’clock was coming right up! 

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