Museum of Curiosity

Since the weather has been so hot, we are doing all we can to play indoors. Luckily we still have our Thanksgiving point passes. (Thanks to Nitsy for Christmas) So here we are, at the Museum of Curiosity, having a good old time!

First stop the doctors room! We were the first people in that area of the museum for the day and everything was there! All the toys, and animals, it was great! 

Lucas’s budding vocabulary was so cute! 
This cutie. 

Next stop the puppet show! As you may know, Mirah has been making up daily puppet shows. She was STOKED to get in there. Lucas was just happy to be a part of it. 

Next, Magic show! 
Then a crazy play! 
Butterfly girl! 

Then to the little kids garden. The love that the bunnies identify the things that you through into their mouths. 
The other baby area for Lucas. 
The Jungle Marketplace for Mirah. 
Mirah admiring her “forest fashion.”
Turning heads all around. 
Then we went over to the new Micro Area. It was all about looking at everything UP CLOSE. 
Magnification Alert! 
Yes, a giant blood drop! That is clotted. 
Such a great day! So happy to have a fun place to go even when it is SO hot! 

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