Mirah’s Art Mid Summer Showcase

With all of this time indoors, Mirah has put her artisitic endevors into over drive. So, here is another group of Mirah’s best art. 
She has started a 3D phase under the tutelage of Karen Whitmore, she made this masterpiece. 
The other day she did a “Mia and Me” inspired puppet show. 

Mia and Me

A super weird show about a real Canadian girl, who has the power to enter an alternate magical world where there are unicorns and fairies, AND when she enters this world, SHE becomes a fairy too!
Mirah LOVES this show. She has seen EVERY episode at least 3 times.

So she made little drawings of each character. 

And backgrounds for them to live in. 

Can you see the unicorns. She named all of the characters. They all have insane names. All of them. 
It’s been cute. But as hard to follow as the show is, Mirah’s puppet shows are just insane. 
Her ability to draw figures has gotten so awesome these days. 
Here is her most recent swing at our family.
She is making what she calls, “huge people.” When she finished this one she was so excited and said, “Mom! Take a picture of this HUGE girl I made!”
So amazing and talented this one. I love her so much. 

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