Mirah Gets a Haircut

So Mirah’s Rapunzel like Mermaid hair has gotten OUT of control these days. BUT every time we even mentioned a haircut she would FREAK out and scream, “Don’t cut my hair! Please don’t cut my hair!” So we started changing our verbiage. We would say “you need a trim.”

And finally we built up the will to get her to the salon. 

The poor stylist, it took her forever to detangle all that hair. 

Lucas was with us, keeping the whole experience interesting. 
She looked so nervous as she got her wash. 
And I did my best to keep near her so she would stay calm, and keep Lucas occupied. 

Ready for a trim???

Instead of trying to blow dry all that hair, the stylist put it into a terrible braid. 
My cutie. 
After while wet. 
After while dry. 

Still pretty long. We took 5 INCHES off!
It is much easier to comb out though. 

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