Summer Fest Parade

It was our favorite part of summer fest! The moment that they close the road and turn up the music for a dance party!! 

Karl is such a good dancer.

That little punk wouldn’t get away from Mirah!

I was more annoyed than she was. She was just happy to have her bubble gun and to be dancing in the street!

Karl didn’t like it either.


They started the question and prize portion of the count down to the parade and we won tickets and a t shirt!

The police bikes came through and it was time for the parade to start! 


Waiting is so hard.

The parade started and so did the candy!

This year we brought buckets for the candy.

Karl and I just sat back…haha not.

There were things constantly being thrown and given to us. 

I got a plant! 

And an ice cream sandwich. 

Oh hello. 
The kids are kind of shocked when Darth Vadar came by to say hi. 

We got populaces.

There were coupons, and flyers, and candy! 
It was a fun night! The kids went to bed late, and we didn’t mind. It was Summer Fest!

After the kids were in bed, Karl ran to get soda’s for us to drink while we watched the fireworks.
UNFORTUNATELY, we had the time wrong, and I had to watch them alone.

He arrived home moments after they were done. 
Still, he saw them on his drive. 

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