Hammock Time

I gave Karl the afternoon off. He went and got a hair cut and did some shopping for himself. 
Meanwhile what are we to do on a warm Saturday afternoon? 
Hammock it up! 
Lucas had just awoken from his nap. 
He was still waking up here. 

So much beautiful eye brow.
I mean look at those EYELASHES!! 
This special little face. I love him so much! We spent time here just kissing and hugging and snuggling and laughing. 
It was between these moments that I realized how lovely my view was. 

Mirah, who had been playing in the yard, started to notice how much fun we were having started to get jealous and want to get into the fray. 
My lovely little lady. 
She took it upon herself to start ricking us from the other hammock. 

A great angle for me. I just love these little faces. 

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