Orem Summer Fest Carnival 2017

For the past week Orem has been gearing up for Summer Fest. On Monday the blankets, chairs, and ropes appeared along the grass all along the road on Center st.
Then the tents started coming up on Tuesday, and the rides arrived on huge trucks and trailers.
By Wednesday the rides were all coming up.
We were sick mid week, and had meant to go to Summer Fest Thursday, but we were still not up to walking around in the sun and heat.

So, by Friday, Mirah was SO excited. I was working on some cleaning Mirah came down and asked, “Mama, why do we celebrate Summer Fest?” Which made me laugh. I explained that it was Orem’s time to celebrate summer. We talked about how all of the communities in the area do something or another during the summer. Pleasant Grove, Strawberry days. Spanish Fork, Fiesta Days. Provo, Freedom Fest. Cashe Valley does a Trout and Berry days. And we in little Orem, do Summer Fest.

She said, “okay mama,” then walked away.

When I went into the kitchen later I found signs up all around the kitchen and living room:

“The Strawberry ride”

“the swings ride.”

Karl FINALLY got home from work, and we got over to the park and the kids were just SO excited. 
We got in line to get tickets. 

After we got our tickets we got some cotton candy. 


Locked and loaded. 

Sticky hands, ready to rock. 
And the ride began! 
Next, the coaster! 

The kids are all strapped it. 

Then the flying elephants ride. 
They were LOVING it. 

Next, the swings! 
Lucas was not so sure about is. 
Mirah was STOKED.
One more shot together before the ride began! 

Then the Boat ride! 

The Car Ride. 

Hot ROD. 

Sweet Karl looking on. 

Lucas and his baby jam hands strike again. This time with sticky sweet cotton candy hands. 
You can see his actual fingers. 
Speaking on fingers:

Last ride, the Motor Cycles. 
They are just so cute together. 

We had a few tickets left so we all did the fun house together. 
While waiting in line, I noticed Mirah had really been hitting the cotton candy hard. 
I could see the fuss on her lips. 

And we were off! 

Hi Guys! 

We went to go get some food and passed a few vendors on our way. 

We had dinner of fried food! 
From left to right:
A rolo funnel cake, a kelua pork bowl, a hot pretzel with nacho cheese, and fresh lemonade. 


Oh we also had corn dogs. One was a cheese dog. 

Such a fun summer day.
Love these guys and the Orem Summer Fest. 

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