Baby Boy

By Friday morning, we were finally starting to feel normal again.
Lucas likes to sleep in these days. Mirah and I were awake, but Lucas was still so sleepy. 
Did I mention the only thing I can get him to reliably eat is noodles? Here we are after the Hello noodle dinner, we are at lunch eating Troll shaped Mac n Cheese.  
I love this age. He is just so cute and messy and sweet. We are in full on “Jam Hands” phase. 

So wet, so slimy an sticky. Still, I loved that he wanted to hold my hand. 
Lovin’ this. 
He is still CONSTANTLY falling and hitting his face. 
Like this day where he was running away from me in a tantrum and Krysta walk in quickly in the front door and it hit him in the face. 
Bumpy nose. 

Oh brother. 
He has been talking in short sentences much more lately. He is REALLY into possession. He will cry and say, “it’s mine!” This new trick is causing a lot of confrontations with his sister Mirah these days and I find myself refereeing a lot more in recent days. Having her home all day every day has also caused things to change for him these days. SO much yelling, and screaming, and fighting. 
BUT there is also a lot of hugs, and kisses and sharing. Karl has assigned Mirah the job, “Captain of Lucas Not Crying.” She has taken it pretty seriously. Especailly when her dad is around. It’s hard not to ask her just to give him stuff, but I am really channeling my inner middle child and keeping things fair. 
Love these little faces. They keep me on my toes. 

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