No Bummer Summer: The Plan

2017 No Bummer Summer Plan:

1. Keep to a schedule, don’t stay up too late. Get up early.

2. Go the gym 3 times a week.

3. LOTS of hammock time! 

4. Weekly trips to the Library
Here we are at story time. 

Lucas running around going bananas. 
He even managed to sneak onto the elevator. 

Getting into the Tepee. 
5. Lots of time outside in the yard, and in our splash pool. 
Here we are this week, getting nice and wet. 

Mirah in her new birthday suit.

Water slide out again. 
6. Lots of time at the public pools!
We went to the Orem Rec center for the first time all three of us. 


7. Lots of Visits to Public Parks 
We love Orem. There are so many parks! 

 8. Lots of Eating Outside as a Family
We made sure to make it to our favorite Gyro place! 

Greek N Go! 

Greek fries! With Feta and “Greek spices”
Tetris Tots
Nothing better, look at all that meat! 

9. Bikes! Lots and Lots of Bikes 
Both Lucas and Mirah are really getting the hang of their bikes already. 

Later that day out front. 

10. Snow Cones
LOTS of snow cones.   

We went with the Whitmores. 

All this no bummering can wear a mama out. SO getting in some naps too.


Summer 2017-Here we come! 

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