Memorial Day BBQ

We finally arrived at our Memorial Day BBQ with the Reddoch’s and Malia.
We have been having BBQ’s together on Memorial day most years for years.

2012, their first year here:

2013 at our First Orem Apartment:

2014, First time we went to the Cemetery

2016, The first time at our new place. Lucas’s and the girls first Memorial day.

Now here we are 2017, The first Memorial Day at Nitsy’s new place in Day Break.

After arriving and playing some Drawful inside, it was time to get out into the yard.

 Lucas and the ladies were still napping, and the big kids got excited and got into their suits. 

We hadn’t really planed on playing in the water, so the boys let Mirah borrow one of their suits.

It was a warm sunny day, and the water was really chilly.

The girls were up and still a little sleepy. Content at this moment to look on.

Getting a little more curious.

Poor Karl, it had been a rough week at work, followed by a long weekend of craziness. You can see it in his sweet face. Lucas was up. Not quiet ready to get into the water.

Into another borrowed suit.


Kids trying to get into the chilly water.


It was at this point we turned on some music and the kids started to go crazy dancing!

Sweet moves!

Time for Dinner!


It was a Hawiian BBQ. 
We had marinated grilled teriyaki Chicken, coconut pudding, Hawaiian pasta salad, and pineapple. Great food. Great weather. Great day. 

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