Preschool Program and Graduation

Well all of the months of work and Practice were finally going to pay off for Mirah’s big end of the year preschool/ kindergarten show and graduation!
We were up bright and early to get Mirah bathed and ready. 

In the car and ready to go!

Once we got to school we took some fun shots of Mirah some of her classmates.
Here she is will Analissa and Eva.

More of the little Karate Kids!

Mirah’s desk, all ready to go.

Mirah and Seonsaeng Vicki.
AKA her teacher Miss Vicki, who is also the taekwondo instructor. She is a double black belt.

All of her kiddos.

One last shot, and the show was on!

The kids came in and sang a stirring rendition of “This Land Is Your Land.”


THEN we were blessed with “The Kindergarten Rap” written by Miss Vicki and the kids.

Next was the Korean Demonstration.

The the teakwondo demo!

You may notice their amazing orange belts. They all got their Level 2 Kid Kicker Rank. Orange Belt with a black line. Impressive I know!

In Action.

Then Miss Vicki announced that she would be using the first bricks that she broke  to hold up the first boards that our kids would break. She meant to to be symbolic for passing on the knowledge I think, or building on what other have done or something.

Mirah as she is about to break her board.

In action.

Getting her broken board. She was SO excited. She even broke her board into three pieces. Dad was in the back and she gave him a big high five, and said to him, “I broke it in THREE pieces!!”

The kids then changed into their next costumes, for the Star Wars Themed section of the program.
Here they are lining up to go on!

And the Program began:

Bad Guys Darth Grader and her assistant Master Fail want to keep the hard group of learners from garduating so they will stay on the Dark planet of, “I Don’t Know,” no really that’s it’s name.

I know that all the kids got funny iterations of the real characters names like Mirah was Lay A Book on Me. And Chubacka was Chew Booka.

“Mirah has a line here:
“I know, we learned to read in school! We can read sentences and even books, so they won’t get in our way anymore!” Talking about hard words and sentences.

Darth Grader, they know how to read!!
Then the numbers on their ship are all mixed up!

Yeah Math!!

Number Numbers I see Numbers everywhere I go!!

Then their pep all got stolen! 
Do or do not there is not try! 

Then they did some active dancing to get their energy back!! 

Mirah, “I see graduation!”
They don’t want them to pass because they didn’t have any friends on Planet I Don’t Know.  So the kindergartners said they were too smart to be on Planet I Don’t Know, and they could help Darth Grader and Master Fail.
“There for each other we are”-Yoda
“Furr Real!” -Chewy

Reach for the Stars!!

Another Act break! Lucas was loosing it.

Then came our little graduates.

Mirah’s turn.

Then they sang a surprise song for the moms and dads.
That is me crying as Mirah and her class sing “You Raise Me Up.”

They signed the chorus. It was just amazing.

The grand finale!
Schools out for summer!

2017 Grad.

Mirah with her much beloved teacher Miss Vicki. We have loved her SO much.

One with me and my lady. 

Ourside with our Aunt Belle who was there too.

What an accomplishment! She did SO great! 

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