Mirah’s Birthday Party

After a WHOLE day of cleaning and setting up and picking up cakes, and cutting fruit and getting baloons…we were all set up for Mirah’s 5th birthday party. 
Here was the kitchen. 
Snacks for the kids. 
The kitchen table. 
Our Pinata! 

The cake! 
The Front Room! 

Lei’s for the guests. 

My outfit:

The front porch. 
Bubble machine going! 

Then the basement. 

Pin the heart on Moana:
Krysta made the hearts. 

Me and my girl. 
Karl came home early, to help with set up. 

Lucas woke up from his nap. Just in time. 

It was almost time…
So excited…

Pictures of the birthday girl. 
Doing the hula.

Our first guest arrived! Easton! 
Next Judah and Asher! 

Followed by the cutie Lund family! 

Yeah! Alice, Millie, and Ivy! 
Then Lachte and Brekken King our neighbors. 
Then more cousins arrived! 
Mirah and Sloan! 
We got one with Reesey too. 

After the kids got their pictures taken, we came down and waited for things to start while watching Moana! 

My kids were super excited to just like DANCE! 

Then rest and smile. 

Easton was not that into it. 

Once all of our guests had arrived, we started the HULA!! 
Well most of us. 

Aunt Chelsea had created a whole dance. 
She taught the kids one move at a time. 
This one is called the the sea gull. 
Then the hula! 

Our next activity was the Pin the Heart on Moana. 

We had to do some quick thinking on a blindfold, but I think it worked out.
And Lochte. 
Our last kid won!

After the game. 

Our two winners. 
Finally we went out to do the Pinata! 
It had rained and snowed that day. So being able to do this outside was kind of a miracle. 

Birthday girl first!
Our group! 

Reese was mostly just not into that. But was being cute.

Elsie was late to the party! 
After all of these kids, not a dent!

Well, here came the slugger. 

Well she got a leg, and a foot. 

Anyone who wanted another try, got it. 

And even after that it needed a sound beating from Karl to get it done. 

Poor girl. 

The kids were STOKED! 
Well some of them. 

Cake was up next!
Karl decided to do this:
Karl cut the cake…

while the gang started on presents. And Mirah was SPOILED! 

Easton got her a big coloring book of Moana pictures. 

Legos and Orbeez from Judah and Asher. 

A Moana toy from Karen. 
Her big gift from us this year:

A new bike! 

Cake time! 

Once the party was over we went and got Pho, Mirah picked it.
We got Bobas! 

And Pho of course.
(Karen couldn’t get quiet out of that one.)

Lucas was too busy eating to smile. 

Everyone was so tired, it had been a long day.
Dinner was nice and quiet.
Except for Mirah of course. 

Oh my girl. 

She was in her new night gown for bed time, and was just so happy. 
She said, “I had the best birthday!!” 
That just warmed my heart. 

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