Mirah’s Birthday Morning

First thing in the morning Karl and I woke Mirah up to a LOAD rendition of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” She looked at us blankly and laughed.
Poor little lady. Still sleepy but happy. 
Here we were together 5 years ago. That doesn’t seem like that long ago. My baby. 
Grandpa Pippy called as early in the morning to wish Mirah happy birthday. 
We got Mirah all ready in her new birthday outfit from Chelsea. 

It was a bit chilly that day. So Mirah wore hear coat. Still looking good. 
We brought in her tray of cookies and were late, and it was perfect because it meant everyone in her class was there and ready to sing Mirah happy birthday. 

When I picker her up a few hours later, it was clear she had had an awesome day. 

We went to McDonalds for lunch and got her a happy meal, as she requested. 
She was so cute and happy. She and Lucas had quiet time, and then I really got to work. 

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