Birthday Cookies

Well, it’s Mirah’s birthday week, and it means its time to do some number cookies!
Aunt Chelsea came over to join in the fun! 
After a false start (we forgot to put the sour cream in) we got to cutting out the cookies. 

Poor Lucas was having a hard time not eating all of the dough. 

Mirah was really good with the dough. 

And cutting out the 5’s.

Out last tray of cookies with our left over dough. 

Silly Karl. 

There were lots of beaters to lick. 

After the cookies we decided to go to dinner for Taco Tuesday at Rubios. 
Mirah just wanted to decorate cookies. 

Chelsea left after dinner and we got to decorating. 

We got a platter ready for Mirah to bring to her class the next day. 
We even had enough to give to everyone at the party the next day too. 

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